Trade Mark:UMAX

General Manager: IsaacTaha Abu Sneineh

Contact Person: WajdyIshaac Abu Sneineh

Short Description: UMax company is one of the outstanding Palestinian companies that specialises in Women’s comfort footwear. Umax offers a wide variety of winter and summer comfort footwear for women, in all different sizes, this is to achieve sufficiency for their customers.

Umax management believe that this specialization enables them to develop continuously to become the number 1 product in comfort shoes for women in Palestine.

To achieve this goal, Umax is constantly striving to get the finest raw materials, local and imported leather to maintain a high level of performance and continue to develop their production and their techniques to match the expectations and aspirations of their consumers.

The company's products also features, in addition to high-quality, modern and trendy in style for the latest fashions in the market around the world in women’s comfort shoes.


Umax started back in theearly 70s by Mr. Isaac and Esam had a small workshop in Al Shuhada street in 1972 making girls shoes, then in 1990 they registered the trade mark UMAX and were producing women’s and kids shoes, in 2000 they built a large factory in the industrial area and opened a new line for men’s shoes and started to specialise in comfort shoes.

Vision & Mission:

To reach international markets, and to develop and improve production.


Specialize in Women  Comfort & Slipper Leather

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Address Hebron, Palestine
Tel No 022238623
Mobile 0599303324
Fax No 022238623
Email wajdiisaactaha@gmail.com
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